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Welcome to Ferme Chabran

Happiness in a glass of wine



Our vision


Our Vision of wine aging is designed based on our knowledge acquired at

over generations. We adapt our blends annually according to wine trends, which makes each vintage unique.


It is during the harvest that all the winemaking begins. This step is also delicate. Each plot is harvested according to its maturity. Fermentation as well as devatting must be managed to perfection for optimal results.



The first winter, the wines are housed in concrete vats where they deposit their vinification lees. Then a pre-assembly of the wines is carried out in the spring before their rehousing in oak barrels. At this level the identity of the plots is still present, the wines from the different terroirs being separated in tuns of different capacities, between 5 and 80 hectoliters.

The transition to barrels

It is during these 9 months of aging that the wine develops its full personality as well as the potential of the terroir thanks to the combined effects of contact with the wood and the careful exposure of oxygen allowed by these containers.


* depending on the years


At the end of aging, a final blend is made after a tasting aimed at the synergy of the different wines; 2 rackings are carried out before bottling without filtration*, in the most natural way possible.


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